Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gazi Salauddin-1939

Gazi Salauddin-1939
MD : Khemchand Prakash

allaho baaki kulle phaani
har khushi duniya ki gham anjaam hai
islaam pe marne ka jo armaan nahin hain
kabhi neki bhi uske jee mein agar aa jaaye 
mujhko ghame tanhai  
piya jaa piya jaa piya jaa
woh mujhko jaam door se 
yeh taayer thaam kar dil liye liye

Songs marked red are not available with me. Request friends to please contribute. Rest of the songs can be downloaded from this link


Veen said...

Never heard of this movie before. Looking forward to hearing the songs. Thanks for this.

Nasir said...

This was the first time that I heard a song from a 1939 movie. I liked the philosophical:
ALLAHO BAAQEE MIN KULLE FAANEE (Allah will remain rest all will perish).

Thanks for your efforts Seshadhri, for this rare treat!

B Seshadri said...

You are welcome Veen. This is the first album of Khemchand Prakash. I also heard this for the first time at my father's house when I visited him last month.

B Seshadri said...

Nasir saab Adaab. Glad that you enjoyed the album. I have one more album from 1939 Meri Aankhen by Khemchand Prakash which I will be sharing in my next post.

Vidur Sury said...

The song Piye Ja by Rattanbai Ji is also available and I will upload it soon in my blog

B Seshadri said...

Waiting for the song Vidur

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