Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pehli Nazar -1945

Pehli Nazar-1945
MD : Anil Biswas
Lyrics : Dr. Safdar 'Aah'

I am uploading this album on request from Khalid. So here you go Khalid. The album has 10 songs and the songs marked red are missing from my collection . Request friends to please share the same if they have. 

1. Hothon pe masarrat hansti hai, arman dil mein itraate hain 
2. Tay karke badi door ki purpech dagariya 
3. Pehli nazar ka teer re laga, pehli nazar ka teer 
4. Le gaye pahlu se dil chori-2, allah qasam 
5. Unka ishara jaan se pyaara, de gaya dil ko mere sahara 
6. Jawani ye bharpoor dilkash adayen, bataao tumhin kaise dil ko bachaayen 
7. Dil ko samjhaaye huye, laakh machlen armaan 
8. Dil jalta hai to jalne de, aansoo na bahaa, fariyaad na kar 
9. Karam kar, karam kar, parvar digara 
10. Khan kabul se aaya ji vai vai 

The available songs can be downloaded from this link 


Vidur Sury said...

Have all songs except Dil Ko Samjahve. Only this seems to be unavailable. Do you have any idea who sang Khan Qabul Se Aaya Ji? The singer doesn't sound familiar to me.

suhail kazim said...

This song was picturised on Cuckoo and other 2 dancers. Cuckoo had just started to make her appearance in films. The song was picturised in a party where Cuckoo acts like a girl and the other 2 act as a pathan male and his hefty wife. It was enacted in front of many females sitting including Munawar Sultana and Bibbo.
This sequence was the turning point in the film as it led towards it tragic ending. How I wish I could see it again.

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