Saturday, June 30, 2012


MD : Naushad Ali shows the following songs for the movie. But I have one more song balihari re tagged to this film. Can friends with Geek Kosh give the details of the song and confirm whether this is from the same film. I don’t have one song which is  marked red. Request members to please share the song if anyone has the same.

baalam aa aa baalam more man mein -Nirmala Devi -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
beech bhavar mori naav it ut paar lagaao-Nirmala Devi -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
duniya mein sab jode jode-G M Durrani -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
ghir aayi badariya ghar aao-Nirmala Devi -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
it jaaye ut jaaye nazariya dole -G M Durrani -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
main waari re-G. M. Durrani Shyam Sunder-Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
mere dil ko saajan samjha do-Nirmala Devi , Suraiyya -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok
panchhi jaa peechhe raha hai bachpan mera-Suraiyya -Naushad Ali -Dina Nath Madhok
tum nahin aate ho nahin aao-Nirmala Devi -Naushad Ali-Dina Nath Madhok

The album is available at this link


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