Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baiju Bawra - 1952

Baiju Bawra - 1952
MD : Naushad Ali

Here is the popular album Naushad Ali. For me, personally, this is his best creation with very popular numbers. Here is the track list

Aaj gawat man mero - Ustaad Amir Khan Paluskar
Bachpan ke din bhulana dena - Lta
Door koi gaaye - Shamshad, Lata
Insaan bano kar lo bhalai - Rafi
Jhoole mein pawan ki aayi bahaar- Rafi, Lata
Man tarpat hari darshan ko aaj - Rafi
Mohe bhool gaye saawariya - lata
O duniya ke rakhwaale - Rafi
Sacho tero naam - Chorous
Sargam - Ustaad Amir Khan
Toi jai jai kartaar - Ustaad Amir Khan
Tu ganga ki mauj - Rafi, Lata
Ghana ghana ghan barso re - Ustaad Amir Khan
Piu piu karat hai papeehe(Various Ragas) 

The album is available at this link


gabrujat said...

sir it is really embarrassing to inform you several time as some songs are copyrighted so can not be downloaded i tried on other ip addresses but failed, please do something this problem is occurring on most of your posts.

Adv. vikram singh

B Seshadri said...

Sorry Mr Vikram,, I think with the change in policy of Mediafire.. you are finding it difficult to download the songs... I have tried to resolve it.. Hope you will be able to download now... Pl drop in a line if you are able to download so that I can change the links of all the albums

gabrujat said...

Dear, problem is still persisting not only on this album but all of other albums links are not working properly also.

Adv. vikram singh

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