Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tangewala - 1972

Tangewala - 9172
MD : Naushad Ali

This is the CD Rip of the album. The track list is as under :-

Aayi re khilone waali aayi - Lata
Aisa phanda maare gori - Rafi, Asha
Do diwaane aaye ek tamasha laaye - Rafi, Asha
Duniya sharabi duniya sharabi - Rafi
Jawani baar baar nahin aaye - Lata
Kar bhala hoga bhala - Mukesh
Thap thup thip ki taal - Rafi

The album is available at this link


gabrujat said...

Thanks Seshadri ji,
it sad to notice that no one is giving you any credit despite the fact several will be definitely downloading your posts. Any way thanks for your efforts and hard work to collect and post these albums on ur blog.

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