Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dil Diya Dard Liya - 1966

Dil Diya Dard Liya - 1966
MD : Naushad Ali

The track list is as under :-

Dil haarne waale aur bhi hain - Asha
Dilruba maine tere pyar mein - Rafi
Gori gori pyar ki dori mein - Chorus
Guzre hain aaj ishq mein - Rafi
Haaye haaye rasiya tu bada bedardi - Asha
Koi saagar dil ko behlaata nahin - Rafi
Kya rang-e-mehfil hai dildaaram - Lata
Phir teri kahaani yaad agyi - Lata
Saawan aaye yaa naa aaye - Rafi, Asha
Title Music

The album is available at this link


gabrujat said...

Thanks Seshadri Ji, I was looking this album for quite some times but could not get. you were my last source and fulfill my requets but please don't stick only with Naushad Saheb but heed other music directors also. thanks again and pls inform the source is it vinyl or other source?

adv.vikram singh

B Seshadri said...

Vikram, Its a mixed album... Its both Vinyl and CD.. I am on the verge of completing Naushad... after that I am contemplating of starting Avinash Vyas or C Ramachandra. Any suggestions for your side will be welcome.

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