Sunday, November 24, 2013

Kajal - 1948

Kaajal - 1948
MD : Ghulam Mohammed

The track list is as under :-

Din yeh beeta jaayen - Suraiya
Dil ke chaman mein - Hamida, Uma Devi
Sawan ke din aaye - Shamshad, Allauddin
Haar gayi naina re - Shamshad
Mohe mera bachpan - Suraiya
Din guzra raat aayi - Suraiya
Taron bhari raat hai - Rafi, Suraiya
Mere dil mein koi na - Suraiya

The album is available at this link


gabrujat said...

seshadri sir,
please upload few ordinary albums also specially of O. P. Nayyar if you have any I rate Ghulam Mohammad a highly talented music directors moreover these albums are difficult to find these days but meanwhile upload new albums also thanks


B Seshadri said...

Thanks Vikram for your valuable comment. The work of Ghulam Mohommad is very small. Yes I have almost all of OP Nayyar... I am preparing my ground work for OP Nayyar thread... Once I finish Ghulam Mohommad thread, I will start OP Nayyar, the BOSS.

gabrujat said...

sir, just try to upload vinyl rip albums of O. P Nayyar and good quality CD one as on net only few good quality albums are available it make ur contribution special I know you would have few albums of O P posted by PC [MF3F] please share those. if you have any personal recording of albums "do ustad 1959' please share it also on net this album is not up to mark.
Thanks in advance, adv.vikram singh

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