Monday, September 22, 2014

Bhagam Bhag - 1956

Bhagam Bhag - 1956
MD : OP Nayyar.

This is the CD Rip of the album. The track list is as follows :-

Aankhon ko mila yaar se - Rafi, Batish
Aye ji jaan-e-jigar - Asha
Chale ho kahan kar ke jee bekaraar - Rafi, Asha
chhod chale pyaari duniya ko - Kishore, Rafi
Darshan kab doge bolo na - Geeta Dutt, Rafi
Hey baaby yeh hai zamana tera - Kishore, Rafi
Humein koi gham hai - Rafi, Asha
O chhalki chanda ka paimaana - Asha
Tere teer-e-nazar- Asha, Rafi
Yeh duniya faani hai o aani jaani hai - Asha
Title Music

The album is available at this link


rockMe said...

where's the link

gabrujat said...

Seshadri Sir, please don't mind but no cd was ever released of this album only vinyl {SP} were released please enlighten

Vikram Singh

B Seshadri said...

@ Rockme ... Forgot to give the link. Now its updated.

B Seshadri said...

@ Vikram Singh... According to my tagging its CD only... I may be wrong...

Shankar said...

Sir, the link is taking us to "Baap Re Baap" movie link

B Seshadri said...

@ Shankar, Oops... Its error on my part.... I have updated the link to reflect the correct link

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